Sunday, November 27, 2011

Say " NO TO PLASTIC BAGS " Bring Your Own Bag!

Did you ever wonder where do our plastics go after throwing it away in the garbage?  Of course, it always ends up in the landfills. But did you ever wonder what happens after that? Plastics do decompose but it takes hundreds of years to biodegrade in which in return pollutes our environment. I have been reading articles about plastic pollution lately and did realize that it's time for me to contribute by making a blog so we may lessen this pollution and stop as it is capable of reaching to many generations to come. So please walk with me, spread the word and help me promote use eco-friendly bags! I know it will be a long battle but it is still not too late. Countries like China, Ireland, Australia, Bangladesh and Taiwan have already banned or have placed restrictions on single use of plastics, and i am sure we can also make it here in the Philippines. 


* Shop with reusable bags
*Stop mindlessly throwing away plastic bags
* Recycle the plastic products you bring home
* When asked if you want paper or plastic?answer is neither!
* Support the no-plastic day of some malls in the metro, i suggest not just the once a week event of the no plastic day but do it every time you shop to your favorite stores, imagine how many plastics we are to avoid if we do BYOB :-)

 Let me share to you the last stop that i did in Galleria :-) i have been using an eco-friendly bag for quiet some time so i decided to scout for newer ones, something that i can bring along everytime i go buy groceries. So look what i found? I found an array of eco-friendly bags at Saizen, a Japanese dry good stores selling all of their items for only 85 pesos! Not bad right? 

I went home bringing with me 2 reusable bags from Saizen :-) Can't wait to use my new eco-bags!

What about you? Let me know your thoughts and share what do you do to save the environment?

Next time you do the shopping and carry home the things in a  plastic carry bag, think and realise that you are  contributing your share to a deadly plastic pollution whose ill effects are  irreversible and capable of reaching out to many generations  to come. 

For your next trip to the grocery store, BYOB!

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products, this post is written with my honest opinion 
Also, Salamat kay kuya in reminding me of no picture taking upon my visit in Saizen :-) 

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