Friday, November 18, 2011

Toxic-Free Christmas Shopping!

Hello guys! This is my first blog and what a good way to start blogging this November! With everyone busy in school after the sem break  and people were back working after the long weekend, i am sure that next on your event list is Christmas shopping!! Yes, you read it, everyone is going to be busy prepping for Christmas. Some of you may be thinking what gifts to give,where to buy something that is not heavy in your pocket and some were heading to just one destination. DIVISORIA!! Tara na sa Divisoria , the mecca for shoppers :-) Cheap clothes, shoes, house wares, school supplies, you name it, they have it, of course who would not forget TOYS. Sa mga maraming inaanak eto at dito lang kayo sa Divisoria makakarami ng bili na swak din sa budget, i’m sure your “inaanak” is now anticipating  it. But beware, with all these toys made from China, we want to make sure that these toys are safe. We don’t want to give products that contains concerning level of toxic metals. Pero paano ko nga ba malalaman na may lead, antimony, mercury etc ang binibili ko? This is where i come in. This blog is to give you an idea at least what NOT to buy in Divisoria. With the help of IPEN’s Mercury Free Campaign, we can get these information. IPEN  which stands for International POPs Elimination Network is a global network of more than 700 public interest non-governmental organizations working together for the elimination of persistent organic pollutants. They have a team who conducted tests by using Olympus InnovX Delta hand-held X-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF). Below picture is what the device looks like :-)
Based on the tests conducted, there were 25 toys in Divisoria that has toxic content. Am i discouraging you to purchase your gifts in there? Absolutely not. This is about awareness and at the same time making our children safe, please check the pictures below which were tested as toxic. Have a safe and fun shopping everyone!


  1. it's sad that most of the children's toys contain toxic materials... maybe we should just buy these children some books for them to read. =)

  2. yeah true, children books are not excuse either :-( i have nothings against China products since almost everything is manufactured in there but at least they should try regulating a toxic-free products especially for children. Thank you for the commment :-)